Where is the Modafinil??

We are getting so many requests about this.

Our latest order of Modafinil is currently en route to us.  Mail to England seems to have slowed to a crawl right now.  Nothing we can do about that.

As soon as we receive the delivery we shall mail everyone who is waiting on an order.

Really doesn’t take this long usually.  I suspect all of the terror attacks have put customs on alert.

We shall extend the bonus into July, of course.

Really should be ready to ship starting 26th June.

Where have you been, where the hell have you been????????

Needless to say a lot of people have been shouting at us via email.

Calling us all sorts, though, gratifyingly, not calling us criminals.  Something at least.

First they went after our domain name.  We couldn’t use mod4all.com anymore, so we registered mod4all.org, then they went after that.  Next we registered mod4all.ru (that domain is untouchable, Vladimir Putin will never sell us down the river), but before we had a chance to deploy it we were kicked off our webhost.

Any domain name is useless if you have nowhere to park it.

And our old webhost locked our account, so we couldn’t access our database.  And we only had sporadic access to our email.

So, we needed a new host.  The only place to head was offshore.

We weighed up all the options and settled where we are right now.

Lovely, sunny Barbados.

The daytime temperature is a nice, nice 85°F.  Not a cloud in the sky, the people are friendly, the food is great, and the rum flows as free as you’d like.

The water is lovely.  What are you waiting for?

We have spent the last week rebuilding the server, from scratch.  Here is some advice to you all, make regular backups.

Business as usual.  Though the war is far from over, they’ll come after us again, without a shadow of a doubt.

Who are they?

These characters.

Being a front for the major pharmaceutical companies, you’d think they’d be able to afford some decent web design.


Still, we don’t judge.